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Convertir la grabadora de DVD de un G5 en Doble Capa

La noticia la daba xlr8yourmac:

Flashing OEM G5 Sony DWU21A to Liteon SOHW-1653S (w/DL support) - (Several readers in the past have reported on cross flashing drives, but not sure if any were this same model, so posting as a FYI. The linked page of LiteOn/Sony models is a good reference also for owners of other OEM Sony drives)

" my PM G5 Dual2 came with a Sony DWU21A a relabled Liteon. (Overview of LiteOn/Sony DVD-Writers)
With a help of a PC I flashed it to a LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1653S Firmware CS0P.
Now the drive supports double layer DVD up to 4x +DL.
I haven't tested 4x +DL dvd yet - only 2.4x +DL.
In 10.4.6 the Liteon works flawlessly in Finder and Disk Utility. No need to use Pachburn. (unlike previous OS's, Tiger has basic iApps burn support for most any drive w/o needing a patchburn profile-Mike)
iDVD5.01 needs a patch to enable DL support. (same patch linked in the FAQ's DVD section in spring 2005 - iDVD 6 reportedly supports most DL drives without any patches, unlike iDVD 5.0x which only showed the 8GB Project option for "Apple Supported" drives unless patched)
I'm using the Liteon drive for 6 months without any problems.
happy computing JF "

La Sony DWU21A se debe flashear, desde un PC, con la bios de una Liteon SOHW-1653S. ¿Alguien se anima a probarlo?

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